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Timeless Tokens

Upcycling and the perfect Japanese Gift

Upcycling is the art of giving new life to what might otherwise be discarded. In Japan, the upcycle trend has taken on an air of modernity and sophistication, from exquisite pearl jewelry to speakers that double as modern art. Shop sustainably in style.

Art-cycled Speakers

Chimei Audio is turning wear and tear into art and flair by upcycling used speakers into something entirely new. Teaming up with artist Denpa to make stunning 1-meter-tall speakers with a range of 35Hz-30,000Hz, Chimei Audio’s products allow you to experience the excitement of a live performance in the comfort of your own home. Speaker and amp set price: ¥330,000

Lasting Satchels

ITTI and Commpost have combined forces to create simple yet elegant bags for daily life. Combining sustainably produced leather with upcycled clothing, the stylish carryall provides all the space and comfort of a tote bag, but none of the unsightly misshapen silhouettes. Price: ¥12,100

Kimono Casual

You’ve heard of smart casual, but now it’s time to make way for kimono casual. No longer will beautiful kimono go unused, sleeping in a dusty wardrobe, as this Asakusa-based shoemaker will upcycle them into one-of-a-kind sneakers. The hand-crafted shoes are made with genuine leather and legacy silk kimono fabric, each one created to bring out the beauty of the kimono’s pattern. Price: From ¥30,000 (TBC on release)

Generation Pearl

While the earth’s resources are truly beautiful, they are also limited—and should be treasured as such. Mi Luna takes that idea to heart. Reusing pearls and gemstones from antique pieces, the company gives them new life in simple and modern designs. Its new line features akoya pearls, with the idea that these will be handed down for generations to come. Price: From ¥24,000 to ¥96,000

Timeless Leather

Creativity for all. That is what Crafsto aims to achieve with its classic, enduring, and gender-neutral leather bags and wallets. Each item is crafted to stand the test of time—both in style and functionality. This leaves little to waste. So little, in fact, that the brand’s store walls feature upcycled leather created during the production of their pieces. Price: From ¥6,000 to ¥80,000


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